Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning

FREE Post Clean Samples – We will take 5 FREE post clean swab samples should you employ Aircover to carry out the system cleaning.


Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

5% Discount – If you employ Aircover to carry out your kitchen extraction system cleaning and then recommend us to another site, which we also do the kitchen extraction cleaning we will discount 5% off your next scheduled clean.¬†Loyalty Bonus – Should you employ Aircover for 5 kitchen extraction cleans,on the 5th clean you will receive a 5% discount as being a loyal customer of Aircover’s


Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Free Area Clean – If you employ Aircover to carry out your kitchen deep clean we will clean free of charge 1 of either walls, floors or ceiling whichever you request.


Filter Laundry Service

Free Grease Filters – If you agree to have the filter laundry service carried out on a 1 monthly basis, then WE will purchase the second set of filters for you.


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